Australian music
in isolation

is a new series of recordings documenting Australian music in isolation over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we explore different responses to the crisis and the way it has changed our social and musical landscape throughout the country. Each release will be available as a limited-edition vinyl pressing, with all proceeds from physical orders going directly to support the artists in this time of upheaval.

A Special project by
Bedroom Suck Records

The Releases

#01 Blue Divers
#02 Low Flung
#03 Matthew Hayes & Charlie Perry
#04 Monica Brooks
#05 Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers
#06 Mess Esque (Mick Turner & McKisko)

Music is an innately social activity; even music created in the interest of self-reflection and meditation. Early in 2020, Australia’s response to the rapidly evolving Covid-19 pandemic had the music community close its doors not only to the outside world, but to each other. By order of a government directive, all social gatherings – including live music performance, group rehearsal and collaborative recording – was to cease around the country.

It was unclear at the start of the pandemic what role peer-to-peer interaction played in the lives of Australian composers. Many already worked from home, well versed in the art of creating spaces of solitude in cities, of building environments conducive to self-reflection, innovation and creativity.

But how much do we really depend upon our community? In a world where self-isolation is no longer a personal choice, will creativity flounder, or flourish?

The recordings in this series are a document of these months and these reflections. A meditation on the way we exist and create, both together and in solitude. As with any creative work, it is up to the listener to draw what they will from these works, and to carry this forward into the world they now inhabit.


Will be added ongoing 1 by 1, fortnightly from October. Depending on how long this V2 lockdown goes, we may add even more. Who knows, we may continue this until 2022, forever in hibernation and isolation, yet not isolated. Check back every month …

PE #01
Blue Divers


PE #02
Low Flung


PE #03
Matthew Hayes & Charlie Perry


PE #04
Monica Brooks


PE #05
Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers


PE #06
Mess Esque (Mick Turner & McKisko)


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We’d like to thank etc and whoever for making this possible. Stay strong.

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